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About Me

Moayad M. Lingga, “An Archi-Visualist” born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia!

During the ten years he lived in the United States, he earned both his bachelor degree in Architecture, and master degree in Applied Craft and Design from Oregon College of Art & Craft & Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Moayad practices different forms of visual art intertwined with architecture and other mixed media.He tries to portray his Middle Eastern culture, language, and beliefs and fuses them with his ideas.

The result is a visualist with a sense of social architecture who is always working towards expressing the other opinion. Moayad is inspired by un-seen and the un-obvious. He seeks to highlight and spreads controversial ideas to his local community and the world as a whole.

He whose hand does not work, does not work his mind”- Anonymous


  • Making Portland, Oregon, May 2015