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خمسون هللة من العدل

December 1, 2014

40” x 40”

During the period of King Faisal Al Saud ruling the kingdom, it was known for the justice that was being served all among people of the country. King Faisal himself was too wise, smart, and just to everyone, he made the 50 Halalah coin with something that differs it from all the coins that came after it. On the lower back of the coin there was a verse from Al Quran which states “Feed the depressed poor.” -(Alhaji 28) He was trying to remind people to feed the poor and give their zakah money to these in need. Because he believed that if justice was served to people then there won’t be a place for corruption.!

خمسون هللة من العدل

Therefore, this project is a reminder to those who wear Al Shomagh on their head to give out their Zakah and feed the depressed poor. By doing that then they are on a path to achieving justice and fairness among people. If each person fed a depressed poor person, then there would not be any corruption anywhere.

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